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Yoga can not only improve temperament, but also make the body full of curves.

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Yoga can not only improve temperament, but also make the body full of curves.

In most people's eyes, yoga is a kind of self-cultivation exercise, without the effect of fitness stereotype. After all, most bodybuilders are young people.

In fact, yoga can not only relax your body and mind, but also improve your temperament. Long term exercise can make the body full of curve.

Today's introduction is Thai Yoga beauty, height 170, weight 110. Many people admire the sexy vest series. She is 27 years old and has seven years of fitness experience.

Because I like sports very much, so I basically go to the gym to practice yoga four hours a week. Unlike most bodybuilders, she pays more attention to her inner temperament.

Most fitness people go to the gym for some purposes. They are slimming, slimming and shaping. For whatever reason, this is the best for you.

Yoga is a sport that can be done anytime, anywhere. By stretching your body, you can make your body curve perfect. The elegant exercise of yoga is very suitable for female friends.

There are many friends who show envy for her body. In fact, she was not born. As she was very interested in fitness since she was young, she wanted to change her body.

At first, she didn't practice yoga directly. Like most people, he started with the usual training methods. Because he used to be very thin, he thought he could improve himself through fitness.

She said it was difficult to exercise because she was very weak. When she exercises regularly, she feels dizzy many times.

Finally, as the coach controls the amount of exercise, his body gradually becomes healthy. It's hard for every bodybuilder.

Accompanied by her coach, she also gained 10 pounds, making her weak body stronger. A good coach plays an important role in fitness.

The long-term fitness also made her have a new understanding of the pursuit of body. She doesn't pursue curvy beauty, but prefers toughness.


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