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How to use the charm of sports yoga to achieve sexy figure?

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How to use the charm of sports yoga to achieve sexy figure?

Strength fitness is the strongest in sports, of course, it is also the most obvious for the effect of shaping and fat reduction. When you adapt to the entry-level and advanced level of fitness, you need strength training to break through and improve yourself. Strength training focuses on high-intensity and slow, less, multi group training methods, on the premise that you have to do a good warm-up to ensure that muscles can adapt.

The purpose of both men and women's body-building can't be just a part. The correct body-building should be a whole-body plan. The plan should be listed seven days a week, and the body should be trained separately. Only by keeping the body in harmony and symmetry can there be aesthetic feeling. The same is true for the hip lifting exercise. When paying attention to the hip lifting exercise, the legs and waist should also be exercised at the same time, so can there be aesthetic feeling of curve

Heavy buttock push, heavy load is suitable for advanced and enhanced exercise. It requires high strength of waist and buttocks and legs. Start from small weight, do not rush for quick success and instant benefit. Heavy weight will damage waist to a certain extent. It requires action standard. Keep barbell stable when moving up and down

For the above strength sports, it needs to be carried out when the foundation is laid! High strength weight needs the assistance of special personnel to prevent body injury. The purpose of fitness is health and safety is important

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