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How to choose and maintain yoga clothes? Share with you!

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How to choose and maintain yoga clothes? Share with you!

Choose comfortable clothes so that your body can move freely, avoid your body and breathing being limited, relax your body and mind, feel good, and enter the Yoga state more quickly. The soft and fit professional yoga suit will fluctuate with the bending of the body movement, with moderate tightness, and more elegant temperament. Clothing is the manifestation of culture and the expression of style, which makes the essence of Yoga reflected in the dynamic and static.

Now the clothes suitable for sports are more and more diversified. There are different textures, styles, styles, colors and styles. Everyone can choose their favorite clothes according to their own preferences. However, yoga is a kind of fitness method that integrates calmness, stretching and concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to choose clothes

Texture: polyester products are mainly used, because the air permeability, sweat absorption is very good, fast drying and very soft, will not make your body feel tense and bound. The other materials mainly increase the elasticity of clothes.

New style: simple, generous and neat. Don't have too many clothes), belts or knots on the clothes, so as to prevent chromium on the body, causing unnecessary injury. It should be based on the fact that the limbs can be extended freely and the whole body does not feel bondage.

Style: the cuff of the top should not be tightly tied, but should be opened naturally; the leg of the pants should be elastic or tied with rope, because there are some supine and back turning movements in yoga, and the tight mouth can prevent the pants from sliding down. Winter clothes are mainly trousers and long clothes. In summer, short pants can be matched with long pants.

Color: try to choose fresh and elegant colors, which can relax your visual nerve,

Style: outstanding personality, OK, loose and natural, wearing it is a kind of elegant and free mystery; there is also a modern style of fitness clothes, tight and elastic, wearing it can also set off a good figure, general practice of high-temperature yoga is more appropriate. You can choose according to your preference.

Quantity: more than two sets of yoga clothes should be prepared, so that we can change them in time, especially for high temperature yoga. But it needs to be mentioned that for the ancient yoga practice, it is believed that we should always wear the same clothes instead of washing when practicing yoga, which is helpful for yoga practice. Of course, this is very difficult for our modern people, so we do not recommend it, just as knowledge.

In a word, when practicing yoga, let your body free from external constraints, stretch freely, and the yoga clothes that can bring you calm and relaxed mood are the first choice. New Yongxin can do it.

How to clean yoga clothes

How to clean yoga clothes? I think it should be divided into the quality of yoga clothing. If it's a very expensive yoga clothing, there should be a sign on its trademark that whether it can be washed by hand or soaked. If it's a common yoga clothing, it can be washed with soap if it doesn't have such a clear trademark. If you're not sure about the deformation, you can soak it with soap powder and gently rub it. Try not to twist it hard Do not let it hang straight to avoid deformation.

It is better not to use alkaline substances such as soap, which will damage the ingredients of clothes. Because yoga clothes usually only sweat, with the right amount of salt immersion rub can. Of course, I don't care that much. It's really dirty. It's OK to use soap occasionally. After all, our skin still uses soap, so clothes are certainly OK.

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